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Defender Team, the link below will take you to your new employee portal.  This portal will contain all your pay stubs from 2019 and moving forward.  By now, you should have received your new login and password from your manager, if not please call HR at 803-776-4220 . If you have an email on file your pay stub will be emailed to you weekly.  If you do not have an email on file please set it up once you log in to the new portal.

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Corporate HR

Open Enrollment September 8–October 2, 2020

Defender Teams

It’s time for Colonial Life Open Enrollment.  This year due to COVID-19 we will not have a face to face meeting instead all existing and interested employees can call a toll free number to speak to a Colonial Life Agent.  We also have Spanish speaking agents available.  Open Enrollment starts September 8 – October, 2020.  Please see attached flyer in English and Spanish for products.  Colonial Life now offers a disability plan that covers COVID-19. 

Es hora de la Inscripción Abierta de Colonial Life. Este año debido a COVID-19 no tendremos una reunión  en lugar todos los empleados  ​​pueden llamar a un representante de Colonia Life usando una llamada gratuita . También tenemos agentes que hablan español disponibles. La inscripción abierta comienza del 8 de septiembre a octubre de 2020. Consulte el folleto adjunto en inglés y español para ver los productos. Colonial Life ahora ofrece un plan de discapacidad que cubre COVID-19.

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