Manufacturing Jobs

We help companies across the US build their manufacturing teams.

Manufacturing Production

Defender Services has been providing both temporary and permanent production workers for over 60 years in manufacturing facilities. Our expertise ranges from tire production to textile operations and more giving you full confidence that the employees we send to you will be well suited for their job descriptions. Our leadership team will meet with you at your facility to identify your exact needs and the skill set needed to accomplish the tasks. The Defender HR department then uses innovative recruiting methods to find and secure the right people for you. Our on-site managers will conduct one on one training with new employees to mentor and monitor their progress. On going training will occur from the Division Managers for Defender to verify each employee has the skills needed to adapt to an ever-changing manufacturing environment.

Defender can provide manufacturing production workers on a temporary bases to assist with project completion or medical leaves of absence. The same intense recruiting and training that is given to permanent employees is also given to temporary team members. If you wish to hire our temporary staff, Defender offers special programs that allow you to bring our employee into your team with ease.

Defender Services can remove the burden of hiring and training your manufacturing production workers and allow you more time to concentrate on your operation. Our mission is to work with you side by side to ensure that our employees are producing the product that meets or exceeds your expectations. As new technologies arise, our training team will come and work on-site with your senior management to implement the needed skills needed by our team members.

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Manufacturing Jobs

Step 1

Set up a time to tell us about your company
Manufacturing Jobs

Step 2

We meet with you at your facility to better understand your needs
Manufacturing Jobs

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We define exactly the positions you need to fill
Manufacturing Jobs

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We get to work finding the best candidates for your company's unique needs