Defender’s Core
Safety Principles

We help companies across the to US keep their teams safe.


InstaScan™ is an all-in-one hardware and software solution designed to help maintain a safe environment by screening the skin temperature of your employees and visitors before entering your facility.  With advanced recognition and data management tools, companies can efficiently and effectively protect staff and guests by maintaining a record of compliance and safe operation, 24/7.   With a variety of mounting options, network interfaces and robust backend software, the InstaScan is an ideal solution for schools, business, gyms, or any place where accurate screening is essential.     

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Defender’s Core Safety Principles

At Defender Services, we take great pride in our Core Safety Program, which is strategically designed to meet the ever-changing challenges of the workplace. With workplace safety being a major concern to all business-owners, a site-specific safety approach is created for all new clients and continuously studied and improved for our existing clients. Our philosophy is based on 60 years of first-hand knowledge of institutional hazards and a never-ending commitment to achieve an accident-free work environment. Our Core Safety Program is centered on the fundamental principles of Engagement, Recognition, Investigation, Education, and Motivation.

SAFEGAGEMENT “The act of being engaged in your work while being safe or working safely.”

A safety culture does not just happen by chance, as the atmosphere for participation in safety programs must be embraced by all parties. With an attitude of safety prevalent in your company, Defender Services will use our Core Safety Program to delegate responsibility and compliance through accountability and engagement. To achieve ongoing successful results, Defender Services conducts on-site training (i.e. Train the Trainer) for Managers to train, and regular inspections and training through the Director of Safety. A unique software system is also utilized as part of our Risk Management program to expedite the completion of required Federal and State safety training for all new hires. This system also contains a notification component that keeps current employees up to date on all new policies, as well as notifying management of compliance.

Our culture of engagement through incentive, wellness, and attendance programs designed specifically for your work applications cuts down on absenteeism, lost workers, and eliminates injuries and retraining costs. Recognizing potential safety hazards through our Core Safety Program requires that employees are trained from the first day on the job to constantly aim for a 100% accident-free workplace. Recognizing our employees for being engaged and working safely are the small things that make “SAFETY FIRST” a way of life at Defender.  As potential hazards are discovered, our facility management team investigates each possibility by designing scenarios that could occur from the identified concern area. Our leadership team, with the direction of our Director of Safety for Defender Services, devises resolutions to any and all safety hazards and immediately educates employees on methods of overcoming accidents and provides the tools to work safely. Through our unique training programs, accountability software, and incentive programs, employees are continuously motivated to put safety first at all times.

“Our people are our greatest resource. Our team will not settle for anything less than a safety environment centered on participation and responsibility by all”.

Nicky McCarter – President & CEO, Defender Services.