Security Staffing

We help companies across the US build their security teams.

Security Staffing

We offer a wide range of services to meet your specific needs. At the core of every service is Defender's commitment to quality providing outstanding security to facilities around the country. An assessment of your company's needs helps us determine what combination or type of security team will deliver the results you require.

Defender security personnel are trained to meet the needs of any environment, and we provide armed or unarmed guards and uniformed or plainclothes officers. Defender's armed officers receive extensive weapons training to ensure complete safety in any situation. Defender's security teams are also familiar with high-tech surveillance systems, so they are ready to step in and secure your premises immediately. Defender understands that security is a high priority in any business. Our trained security personnel keep you, your employees, and your business safe, letting you focus on running your business.

  • Armed or Unarmed
  • Vehicle Patrols
  • Theft Investigations
  • Surveillance Monitoring
  • Escort Officers
  • Metal Detection Equipment
  • Safety Audits/Seminars
  • Fire Watches
  • Payroll Auditing
  • Building Patrols

See How We Work

Security Staffing

Step 1

Set up a time to tell us about your company
Security Staffing

Step 2

We meet with you at your facility to better understand your needs
Security Staffing

Step 3

We define exactly the positions you need to fill
Security Staffing

Step 4

We get to work finding the best candidates for your company's unique needs